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Step 1

In order to run Clash of Clans on your computer we need an Emulator which emulates Android. You can chose between BlueStacks 1, BlueStacks 2 or MEmu.
We recommend you utilize MEmu as it has better performance and more reliable.

Step 2

Download Clash of Clans" in BlueStacks or MEmu.

Step 3

Link your Android or iOS Clash of Clans account into BlueStacks.

Step 4

Download LazyPressing from the link below, make sure you register on our Forums.

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Change-logs & Information

Version 1.20.3 Revision 2526 Change-Log:

Released Date: March 13, 2017

  • New feature: Minimum needed clan castle troops, minimum needed clan castle spells
  • Improved Babyloon algorithm (Multiple possibly deploy points for Heroes and Wallbreakers)
  • Added support for Bert's system which allows creating a form for custom settings for attack algorithms (The algorithm developers need to implement this system if they want to offer custom settings)
  • Fixed: Minions wouldn't deploy for everyone
  • Updated Humanbarch & Darkdragon deploy
  • Added: Option to filter level 8 air defenses (avoid strong base module)
  • Added: Definition for level 9 air defenses
  • Attack API feature: Added "IsForcedAttack" property to opponents
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes for a more reliable botting experience :).
Download LazyPressing Bot – Clash of Clans Bot (COC BOT) – The best in the market.

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DOWNLOAD LAZYPRESSINGBOT Version 1.20.3 Revision 2526

  • Download LazyPressing by clicking the above button.
  • Unpack the downloaded file on your Desktop (it is important – you can not run LazyPressing directly from .zip file).
  • To unpack the program click the right mouse button on the chosen file, choose “Extract all” and then follow the displayed instructions. Go to unpacked folder and run LazyPressing.exe file.

We have a set of LazyPressing Settings, Tutorials, Guides, and Common Fixes ready for you.