Installing BlueStacks or MEmu & Clash of Clans

1Download BlueStacks 1, 2, or MEmu
BlueStacks or MEmu App Player lets you run mobile apps on your PC. If you don’t have an emulator yet yet:

  • Install the emulator you downloaded.
2Start BlueStacks or MEmu
Start BlueStacks or MEmu App and wait for the main screen (it may take a while for the first time, be patient).
3Search in BlueStacks or MEmu
Click on Search tool and type “clash of clans”, then click the Clash icon
4Configure BlueStacks or MEmu
BlueStacks or MEmu will start “One time setup” – do all required stuff and enter your account data.
5Link Your Google+ or IOS Account
Once you have installed Clash of Clans run the game and click Google+ Sign-in button.

If you have an iOS device READ THIS.
6Choose Language
Your village should appear ? Make sure your BlueStacks / MEmu language is set to English !

Installing LazyPressing

1Download LazyPressing
Make sure you download the latest release of LazyPressing.

Click here to download LazyPressing
2Open LazyPressing
Extract the contents of the download file that you just downloaded and open up "LazyPressing.exe".
3Demo Login
You can use the Demo Login to test the bot.
4Unlocking LazyPressing
License Key's unlock full 24/7 access.

Click here to Purchase LazyPressing.

Configuring LazyPressing

1Default Army Compositions
As you can see we have ready configurations that best suits your needs depending on your town-hall and troops level.

See how simple and easy it is ?
2Manually Configuring
Check out the program tabs to modify the bot as you desire.

Summary / Fast Guide

1Quick Step By Step
  1. Download & Install either BlueStacks 1, 2, or MEmu on your Desktop/Laptop
  1. Download “Clash of Clans” in BlueStacks.
  1. Link your Android or iOS Clash of Clans account into BlueStacks.
  1. Download LazyPressing , make sure you register on our Forums.
  1. Configure/Setup and run LazyPressing.
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